Saturday, February 6, 2016

One not-so-bad Rejection Down.

I received my first rejection letter/email.
The email I received first from the acquisitions editor for fiction of a certain publishing house, and she told me my prose was wonderful and she enjoyed reading my writing, and wants to read more, but the content of this particular book is not right for this publisher.
Check one.
Two more to go.
Wish me luck!
aka PRAY for me, please?!?


  1. That's actually a positive rejection:)
    I was told once never get discouraged until sometime between rejection #12-15 as most of the NY Times Bestsellers that is the average rejection amount before they were accepted:) Good luck my friend!

    1. Thanks, Kristy. But my books is LDS, so the publishing pool is very limited. But I am remaining positive :)